Hello! My name is Syakira Rahma.
I'm a mother of one spirited boy, named Afka. I graduated Psychology from University of Indonesia and currently a stay at home mom. I live with Akang, my husband and of course Afka, my spirited little boy. 

I love blogging!  I've been blogging since 2009 but that's always been in my personal blog which i decided to keep private.
So then i make this blog, which will tell a lot of stories about my new life after marriage and having a child.

In this blog i would like to share about parenting and all the things about baby. Parenting is a new thing for me for sure. I like to learn and read books about it, and i'd like to tell my feelings and experience about parenthood just here.

I'm also learning to be more environment friendly, i'm passionate in doing less waste movement and conscious living, including minimalism. I started this new lifestyle in 2018 when i was pregnant, because i think the wellness of the earth today would affect the future of my children, so every little action matters. 


I'm not an expert, and this blog is a personal blog so everything can be very subjective. This blog is called Catatan Ibun, means Mom's Notebook, because writing blog is like taking notes, about my life, journey, and knowledge that I stumbled upon. Taking notes makes me remember and learn, so this blog will be a very personal and subjective journal.

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